Saturday, 7 January 2012

5 Absolute Must-Do of Online Book Promotion

Always told my guitar teacher to teach me a tune rather than the boring basics of music-theory. I was made to learn by rote all the scales and all the variations.He never gave-in to my requests. He knew the importance of fundamentals. So do I now. This blog is to help authors get better in every dimension. Authors have had to rely upon their publishers to market and sell their books. Not anymore.
You are in charge of your book's destiny more than anybody else. So some very quick ideas, which are expanded further  on our book promotion blog which is specifically devoted to this cause.
  1. Start a Cool Author Site
  2. Start A Blog, And Blog
  3. Network Like A Crazy Spider 
  4. Plug In Your Book to Social Media
  5. Use Video To Announce Yourself Tete-e-Tete
Most authors are somewhat aware of all this already. But this also holds true that I have yet to see a 'cool' and professional author site from an Indian author. That's just one point. Online marketing needs expert advice. It's a huge curve to learn all this on your own. I'm afraid a lot of agencies in India are either too expensive, or, shabby. Help is scarce and internet serves to confuse those who try to self-train themselves. Let's change all that, shall we! 

Tell me what have you done to promote you/your book online. I'll critique/praise your efforts to get you better. Let's hear it.

Hersh Bhardwaj

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