Book / Manuscript Reviews

We invite authors and publishers to send us books for an unbiased literary review. There is no cost for it and we will accept books on our discretion. We have university professors, expert qualified critics, and avid readers who will review your book in terms of , writing style, maturity of content, scope of improvement, and sale-ability(commercial viability).

The books can be sent in whatever format is convenient for you. We do, however, prefer both hard and soft copy. If it's only an ebook , please feel free to mail it to ''.

If you have a softcover version please send it so that we can comment upon overall printing and packaging as well besides other  factors mentioned above.

Address to send:

H Bhardwaj
SE 140 Shastri Nagar
Ghaziabad, NCR


The worst thing an unpublished author can do is to send an under-cooked and badly-written manuscript to publishers. we have seen hundreds of such manuscripts. We swear NEVER to publish these authors not even in near future.

What if, you could send your manuscript for a quick review to same experts who review manuscripts every day as part of their job? It can help you immensely to sort out silly mistakes. It can vastly enhance your chances of impressing your publisher.

And it's free.

So, please feel free to send your manuscripts to us for a review. We will try to outline what needs to be done to make it publish-ready and what are your options going ahead.

NIW Team

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