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Friday, 6 April 2012

Writing as an Indian or not?

Writing as an Indian or not?
Shamala S. Palaniappan grapples with how her heritage rears its head in her writing and reading.

"Are you Indian?"

Living in Germany, it must have be one of the most common questions I have been affronted with.  My answer has always depended on the situation, the person asking, and my mood for the day.

That is usually followed very quickly by, " I looooove Bollywood." At which point, I put an end to the conversation. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the industry, nor the movies, I am simply not a fan, and just simply because I am brown and have a name with 13 syllables, does not make me an instant expert!

I never see myself, which probably always been one of my virtues and problems in the same breadth. I have no sense of my height, colour, girth. I can stand amidst six-foot tall blondes and not know that I am the odd one out.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Interviewing Ram Halady- A Chicago Based Indian Author

What’s the title of your book and its genre? Tell us briefly about it.
Reuben’s Adventures in Uncle Ram’s Farm is the title. Vol-2 followed shortly after the launch of
Vol-1 in July 2011. It is a set of 6 short stories each with illustrations, for children of ages 3-9.

Although I had moved away from India to Chicago over 20 years back, I had good
childhood memories of visiting my uncle's farm. In each of us, there is a child who

Critical Book Review: The Journey of the Unknown Path

The Journey of the Unknown Path by young talented author Manhardeep Singh Ahluwalia makes no pretence to follow Robin Sharma’s style of writing. Even though you can’t help but sense the similarities, it’d be a mistake to compare the two. The book is intended to be taken as a parable, with consistent, and, sometimes annoying, presence of prescriptive subtext.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sushant Kumar: Author of Tribal Fusion and Social Evolution

Meet Sushant Kumar who is already an internationally acclaimed historian who began writing at the age of 16. Social evolution has been a topic of debate amongst intellectual elite. A recent interview with Sushant below-

What’s the title of your book and it’s genre? Tell us briefly about it   
   The title of the book is Tribal Fusion and Social Evolution. Its genre is adult non-fiction. This book is written with the point of view to analyze the tribal structure in the Vedic times and its evolution as the caste-society. The fusion of the various tribes to form the complex hierarchical caste-society has also been discussed with references to the literary and the archaeological sources of the contemporary period. Following are some of the links to my book.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

5 Absolute Must-Do of Online Book Promotion

Always told my guitar teacher to teach me a tune rather than the boring basics of music-theory. I was made to learn by rote all the scales and all the variations.He never gave-in to my requests. He knew the importance of fundamentals. So do I now. This blog is to help authors get better in every dimension. Authors have had to rely upon their publishers to market and sell their books. Not anymore.

Ipsita Banerjee: A Silver of Moon beam

Recently we interviewed Ipsita Banerjee, who prefers to define herself as ‘irreverent, crazy, and tactless’. She is an interesting writer nonetheless and never planned to be a writer. Now she is enjoying every bit of her glory and already into her next writing project. Here is what we talked bout with Ipsita-

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Who is the reader? You , or, the person who buys your book and reads, or, a literary critic?

The Reader: Img Courtesy: www.SXC.HU
(Guest Post by Ram Ramkrishnan)

There would have been many an occasion when each of us would have wondered whether there were more of us in ourselves than the entity we generally regarded as ourselves. The prevailing norms of wisdom would have negated and thwarted any further reflection on this question. A heated yet un-acrimonious discussion, not very long ago, between my daughter and son who are pursuing different levels of medical education about patients suffering from a particular type of brain damage called Capgras syndrome, in which I was an essentially silent yet deeply involved participant, unshackled the imaginative process from its earlier constraint of restrictive prudence on this mysterious matter of possible multiple personalities.

Sana Rose: Author in Focus for The Torrent From My Soul

Sana Rose is a 23 year old aspiring author/poet from Kerala, India. Already having published one compilation of poetry, Sana is working on her next poetry collection and also trying her hand with fiction writing. We got hold of her recently and this is what she has to say-

What’s the title of your book and it’s genre? Tell us briefly about it.( you can include links to your site and book sales page )

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Have You Sold Enough? The Book Sales Saga.

No point beating about the bush- How many copies of your books have you sold so far? What's the future of your book seems like? What plans have you followed in ascertaining that you and your book meet a fair number of readers? How helpful has been your publisher?